Tomorrow I will be traveling to Whistler to walk with Terrance Kosikar. He has been flipping a tire for 30 to raise awareness about PTSD.

Come out and support  this great cause. I will be wearing my Great War uniform. 

During the Great War – it was called shell shock. Often the terrible symptoms were misunderstood. They suspected physical injury or worse assumed those poor guys were cowards.

But at that time some pioneering was done. The “speaking” theapy made progress.

Of course one cruel rationale for treating men was to get them back to the front. Cannon fodder was needed.

Still some improvements in healing were made. Typically most were “forgotten” by the time the second world war came along.

Now many years have passed and still there is too much suffering. 

It feels, just as many other mental illnesses, there is still too little understanding and too much lip service instead of real help.

The Great War is a great learning example about immense suffering some men and women endured for their countries only to be cast aside once they came back broken.

Terrance is an amazing fighter battling against PTSD and this injustice.

Support this cause. Meet us at Whistler , Saturday, 11 to. 2 pm, Nodar Kumaritasvili memorial, Whistler Olympic village